Some Ideas on How To Paint Laminate Furniture [Without Sanding] - First ... You Should Know

It's likewise important to be mindful for the first couple of weeks after painting. It takes a while for the paint to completely cure and the surface can quickly scratch or chip while the paint is still soft. I've probably made painting a laminate kitchen sound way more complicated than it is and it's truly no various than any other painting task! You really would not understand that it's painted and a couple of individuals actually thought.

we 'd bought a new kitchen!Have you ever painted a kitchen? We 'd love to hear your experience! Are you a fan of tuxedo kitchen areas? What would your dream kitchen appearance like?And, if you're wondering how well the surface on painted cooking area cabinets last, head over to this post where we share what our painted cooking area appears like two years later on!.?.!!. I have actually received a great deal of questions over the past few months about I chose that this post is long past due being that it's been well over a year because my first 'painting laminate cabinets with no prep work has actually been published. So pull your sleeves up and sit down, I'm going to lay out the good, bad and unsightly when it pertains to a year in evaluation of how I painted my laminate cooking area cabinets. Cabinet Painting Contractors 28226. The majority of you probably do not realize that I have actually written 2 posts with two various methods on how I painted our laminate cooking area cabinets. My first post on painting the cabinets with primer, then milk paint and after that the top coat was a lot more pricey and time consuming than my other method. So which strategy has held up much better? Take one guessThe very first method I used to paint our kitchen cabinets( with guide) has actually held up like a champ. Unfortunately I can't say the very same of the second strategy, although it hasn't been horrible. Many of you are probably believing, duh, adding guide is a no brainer. So you can see why primer is very essential when trying to paint over the "movie," which is virtually plastic. If you have real wood cabinets, and you sand them a little to create a rough surface area for the paint to stay with, you may be able to get away without utilizing guide.

I should have stuck to my gut and gotten the job done right like I did the very first time, although it would have taken more time. Truthfully, my cabinets have actually been OK without the guide, however not perfect. Let me share a couple of pictures. Cabinet Painting Contractors 28226. Envisioned above are a few of the locations that have already "broke" off.

The other cabinet is frequently used so my guess is a fingernail scratched that paint off. Of all my painted gray cabinets, those are the only 2 areas that have scraped off so far. Although this is extremely small and can be retouched, it is still a discomfort knowing that the paint will peel at the nick of a fingernail. Cabinet Painters 28226.

My kids are in and out of these cabinets daily because this is where I keep their utensils. I wipe them down about every other day with a clorox wipe - Cabinet Painting Charlotte NC. I can scrape them with my fingernail and the paint or leading coat doesn't budge. If I didn't know better, I would have never ever know they were painted.

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Cabinet Painting Charlotte NC - Benjamin Moore for Beginners

So what do they appear like today?They look virtually the very same as the day I painted them. Disclosure; this post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I make from certifying purchases. Cabinet Painters Near Me. This does not impact the cost you pay. This disclosure statement describes the rest of the Amazon links in this post.

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